Monday, June 30, 2008

Prayer Request

I have a prayer request for all my prayer warrior friends out there! My friends Doug and Bev Davidson and their son, Lake, have all gone to Houston so Lake can have surgery tommorrow.
Lake is a teenager who was born with a serious heart condition. They have always known that he was going to have to have surgery but didn't think it would be so soon. A few months ago the doctors told them that it was time to take care of it. For the last few months they have been searching and praying for a doctor that had the experience needed to perform the operation. They finally found him and have gone to Texas. They will be there for a few weeks.

Please remember this family in your prayers for the next few weeks as half of the family is in Texas and the other half still here in Arkansas. Several have committed to praying on the hour for Lake and his family. Please join us in this! Thanks in advance for all the prayers. God is our great Provider and through Him blessings are given.

The Davidson Family
Doug, Bev, Leif, Lake, Skye and Summer

"Dance With Me Daddy!"

Saturday afternoon we were all piled up in our bed watching Enchanted. That has become one of our favorite movies as of lately. At the part of the movie where Robert and Giselle are dancing at the ball, Eden stood up and told David that she wanted to dance. So he got down on his knees and began dancing and twirlling Eden around all around the bedroom floor. Tatum was just giggling and walked over and said, "May I cut in?" Eden responded, "But of course!" and backed out of the way, so Tatum could have a turn dancing with "Prince Daddy." I lay there on the bed with a just a little tear in my eye, but a huge grin on my face. :) I love those girls. I hope they never outgrow the urge to dance with their daddy. And I hope their daddy continues to want to dance with his two princesses! I am so blessed!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tatum lost a tooth!

Yes, folks. It has finally happened. After 3 long months of wiggling a "not-so-loose" became loose....and fell out. Tatum is one of two kids in her kindergarten class that had yet to lose a tooth. She was so sad when the year came and went and she was still stuck with all her baby teeth. I must admit, I was getting a little sad too...but for different reasons. My reasons were that I was scared she was going to have to have all her baby teeth did I. (No fun I am here to tell baby teeth were here to stay....some are still in actually!) I was dreading the dentist visits. But, alas, they are coming out nicely!!! yeah!!!

Tooth fairy Report:

The tooth fairy left her $2.00 for her first tooth. But she told me that the rest of them will get a dollar. (This is a far cry from the 25 cents that I got for mine....and I had to go to through the drama of the dentist office!!! Whew!) Tatum was so happy to find the money under pillow the next morning. She told us that she was saving all her money so she can get a dog. (Huh?) OH well....

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night we had our Father's Day dinner with the family. We went to Colton's in Searcy. I was so excited about this because this year we had a great gift for my Dad. I have mentioned before that we planned a cruise and Florida trip last year for this August. Well it turned into us meeting my parents in Orlando with the kids and us all going to Disney World. We were all going to drive. This wasn't going to be so bad for the me, David, Lindsay and Steve. We were going on a cruise and didn't have 4 small kids riding with us. However, for my parents, they were driving down for 3 days and driving back with 4 small kids. Yuck. So we (being the 4 "cruising" adults) decided we would surprise my parents with plane tickets for them and all the kids for Father's Day. Now we are all flying round trip....and all 10 of us are on the same return flight together!!! Yeah! We are so excited now!! We will have more time for fun and less time traveling!

It was so worth the surprise! My parents both got misty eyed! My mom actually said, "Gone are the days of tacky ties!" We figured out that this is our first REAL family vacation. Where we aren't going to a reunion or funeral or wedding....or anything. Just going for fun!!! Whaaa HOOO!
50 more days till we leave!!! Mickey Mouse here we come! Brace Yourself!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cook Adventure Continues.....

The Latest Happenings:

* The people we were house sitting for (This time) came home earlier than we thought. They lived in their driveway (in an RV) for a couple days while we looked for a new place to perch. They told to stay all the time we needed, but they have been gone for 2 months and we knew they were ready to get back into their home. Sooooo....... the girls and I have moved to Searcy for a small time. We are staying with my sister and her family while David is back in Clinton trying to find somewhere for us to live. :) (He is sleeping on the couch of a REALLY good friend! This is not a problem for the two of them because they will probably stay up late every night watching movies and pretending they aren't both married!) hehe!

*Our house. I am beginning to think that we really aren't trying to build a house and that we are just talking about it. We STILL don't have our plans from our architect. We are going on 2 months of a two week project for him. We are about to be really behind schedule because of him and that isn't making anyone happy. Oh well. We wouldn't be building if it were going smoothly right? :)

* Last weekend we went to an auction for a lighting company that went out of business. We managed to get the majority of our lighting for $103!!! Yeah for bargains! I love finding a good buy!

*Our parenting book is on the back burner. We had a great week last week with the miracle book. However, with us being "dwelling challenged" at the moment, it's been a little difficult for all of us to stick to all the "rules" of life outlined in the book. When we get settled in somewhere, we will make Dr. Leman proud!!! Stay tuned.

*Watch out for ticks!! My sister, Lindsay, found out yesterday that she has Lyme's Disease. She was begging for death a few days ago while running a 102-ish fever. She was still running it three days later and decided to go to the doctor. We are glad she did. A few days on anti-biotics has done her some good and now she is feeling better. Still tired, but better. Crazy thing is she doesn't ever remember having a tick. Weird.

*God is good. Even though I am currently as flustered and stressed as I have I ever been, I can still sit back and see God working. Whew.....what if I didn't? I can't even imagine!!! :)

* I hope that you are finding all the little things in everyday that God sends your way. Talk to him about it!

* I just said a little prayer for everyone that reads this post.