Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"I'm Walking!!"

This morning, Eden woke up a little left of center. She didn't want to wear anything SHE had, she didn't want anything for her snack that we had in the pantry, she didn't want what I fixed for breakfast, she didn't want to brush her hair with the only brush that we could find, she didn't want to wear shoes that matched...but the funniest thing of all was she DID want to WALK to school.
Now, to some that might not be a big deal. However, we live far away. It takes us 30 minutes (ONE WAY!) to get there. Without even a hesitation, David and I called her bluff and told her to start walking. So she did.
About 3 minutes passed and Tatum was going NUTS! She was so worried that someone was going to "pick her up" that she went running out the door screaming for Eden to get back in the house.
(At least I know that my "Stranger Danger" brainwashing is working...well at least on Tatum!)
Eden came back to the house waiting for us to lecture her. But, we didn't. She found reasons to stay. Bathroom, brush her teeth...again, make her room up and to try and convince Tatum to walk with her.
When David announced that it was time to leave, she took off running in a dead sprint down the drive way. I watched from the window until I couldn't see her anymore. David followed behind in the car. I have to admit that my stomach was a little floppy. My "Stranger Danger" brainwashing has convinced me too that there are NO good strangers! :) I had to call David and make sure he was still following her....he told me he wasn't stupid, and that she finally did get in the car.
I think that we threw her for a loop by calling her bluff. Next time...I say she walks the whole way. (6-10 miles....David and I can't agree how far it actually is!)
What a morning!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Put a cork in it!

When David and I went on our cruise we had a bottle of wine with dinner during the Captain's Dinner. Well, I save all sorts of stuff for scrapbooking, and it just seemed natural to save the cork. Days later, Tatum found it and asked what the cork did. I told her that worked like a stopper so that your drink wouldn't come out of its bottle.

I guess she had to try it out and see.

What a funny kid.

Monday, September 15, 2008

House updates!

Just one of the views on our property....lots of trees...some are now gone, this was last winter!
This is actually from the end of our driveway looking down the street! You can't see it here but there is a creek that runs under the road across our land. EEEK! :)

I promised pictures...here they are. But, lucky for us, they are already outdated! :) The framing crew is already working on the second floor today. We are still waiting to get our garage poured so they can frame up the garage too. But that should be poured tomorrow if the weather permits! (Knock on wood!)

We were kinda worried about Ike and his aftermath. Yesterday morning, we woke up at 2am to the howling wind and NO electricity. When it was light, we went to check on OUR house project. We had a hard time getting there because of down power lines and trees, but alas, we made it. We got to our property, and saw that we had two trees laying on the power lines by our house, and a HUGE tree that was laying across the driveway. But, the house was fine, except for the two inches of water standing on the INSIDE of the house! :) (We got rid of that later in the afternoon...thanks to some help from our church family!) When we tried to leave I got my car stuck in the mud. Luckily, our dirt guy, was driving up to check on our house (what a nice guy) too. So, he and his son in law helped to get me unstuck. No sooner did I get situated and we looked back down the drive, and the trees that were laying on the power lines were smoking. Yes folks, we are going to burn down the neighborhood! So, David called a friend that works for the power company and he came to kill the line. But, by that time, one of the trees had officially caught fire. I was a little panicked. Fortunately, the fire burned itself out and all was safe.

This is a picture of the tree as it was smoking....it's sideways sorry!

In the afternoon, we had a few of our church friends come help us cut up the trees that had fallen and drain the water out of the house.

We are blessed.

My funny kids!

Periodically, I hear my kids say or do something that just makes me laugh. I have already posted about their funny "words" for things, but today Tatum went as far as to make a song her own.

Inspired by the country song (have no idea the name, but I think it's called "Cleaning this Gun!")

Real words:
Come on in boy sit on down, and tell me 'bout yourself.
So you like my daughter do you now, yeah, we think she's something else.
She's her daddy's girl, her mama's world.
She deserves respect, that's what she'll get.....now ain't it son?
Run along and have some fun.
I'll see you when you get back, prob'ly be up all night....Just cleaning this gun.

Tatum's Version:
Come on in and have a seat boy, tell me all about you.
You thinkin' you like your mama boy....say she's pretty cute. (hahahahaha!)
I'm a daddy's girl, my mama's world.
Don't wanna pack, that's what I get....ain't it son?
Go have some fun.
I will see you when you get home. He'll be up all night, cleaning my gun.

Okay, so hilarious. She was singing this song while brushing her hair this morning. I was trying to be quiet so I could hear her, but I was having a hard time NOT giggling. I love when they make up songs.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old Friends really are GOLD!

Yesterday was the worst day......

From start to finish, nothing good happened. I was REALLY sinking in my comfortable little preacher's wife "pit." ( To quote Beth Moore!)

Anyway, I vented a little on my Facebook status update. Not even an hour later, I had a response from my "old" preacher's wife from my Teenager hood, Deb. (She's not really that old! )

She threw down a rope into my pit and convinced me to get out.

I am constantly amazed at how God puts people in our paths at just the right time. He knew that I needed some fellow "preacher's wife" support. And there it was. Pearls of wisdom, some tears, and even a laugh or two!

Thanks,Deb, for letting God use you! I love you! And yes, this is some kinda life!

Daddy Home School

Tonight while we were sitting at the dinner table catching up from the day's events, we were asking Eden how her day went. She got all excited and told us that she got 2 sticks in her envelope today. (She was sitting nice and "quiet-ed-ly"!) David asked her how many that made total...she went back and forth from 6 to 11...we still don't really know. David trying to play "home-school" asked if she has 11 sticks, how many does she need to get to have 20. ( The magic number for the treasure box!)

He was holding up his hands to count the numbers for her.....

(Now this is tricky to type!)

On the first finger he said 12, second 13, third 14....and so on.
Well, that threw Eden off. She was saying 1,2,3,4,5...yadda yadda.

When she heard "13" she busted out laughing in a full blown belly laugh.

"Daddy doesn't know his LETTERS!!!"

She couldn't quit laughing.

And neither could we.........