Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Things That I Love.....

In celebration of Thanks-living Week....

1. I love fall colors. Those are the colors that I look best in. My clothes, my house, my hair even, all fall.

2. I love Sonic Strawberry Cream Slushes. I will get one anytime I have a long drive ahead of me. I will turn on my favorite music from my #2 man and sip away at the cold yumminess. It's a little piece of heaven reserved just for me...and Tim McGraw.

3. I love David's big gray sweatshirt. It is HUGE on me....perfect for snuggling in. (He likes that I wear it too! ;) )

4. I love Google. I GOOGLE everything. From some new "ailment" that I have to anyone that I have ever's been Googled.

5. I love fun panties. Life is too short to wear granny clarify: just brightly "weird stuff."

6. I love Tatum's giggle. When Tatum gets tickled, she has this little baby giggle. We don't hear it very often, but when we takes me back.

7. I love putting my cold feet on a warm David at night. This may sound terrible, but I think in some small way, he likes it. It's just one of those "little things'' that we just do. I hope I always have a warm David to warm my ice-feet at night.

8. I love to sing praise songs with LOTS of people. Is there anything better than worshiping our God with song? My heart overflows and it comes out my eyes...every time. It makes me miss the squeak of my chapel seat.

9. I love that Eden sucks her thumb....still. Okay, I know most of you are thinking...'She will have buck teeth!!" Well, no, she doesn't. It's the weirdest thing...she doesn't actually suck her thumb. She licks her mouth. I love to watch her when she sleeps. Her little chin moves just like it did when she would nurse as a baby. It brings back those bonding memories for me. I know one day she will have to quit, but for now, I think it's cute.

10. I love to talk to myself in the mirror. Okay, I am telling on myself..but I do. Everyday when I am blow drying my hair and putting on my make-up, I am thinking of possible conversations that I might have that day...and I talk. Lots of awkward situations have probably been avoided because I have "rehearsed" in the mirror. I am thankful for the trial run.

What are your random loves?


Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing your random loves. They were very sweet and interesting to read. Confession: I also talk to myself in the mirror. I am glad I am not the only one. I wonder how many of "us" there are out there?
Love and miss you girl!

Liz said...

Oh girl. Me too. I'm the Google queen. I've lost the ability to think for myself. Google and spell check make me dumber by the day. :)

And for the record, I LOVE your girl' names. :)

Clay and Natalie Freeman said...

Love your random loves. One of my random loves is seeing my little girl smile. Doesn't matter how angry, sad or discouraged I am, that always lights up my spirit. I also love Sonic Diet Cherry Limades...yummy! and happy hour so I can get a route 44 for only $1.03! HOpe you are doing great. Give me a call and we can get "crafty" together.